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1. Fallen (Manny Lehman Club mix)
2. U know U want to (Ronen Mizrahi remix)
3. I kissed a boy (Hector Fonseca remix)
4. La Passione (Offer Nissim remix)
5. The Beat Goes On (Offer Nissim Club mix)
6. Set Fire to the Rain (The Perez Brothers remix)
7. All over the world (Original mix)
8. Cha Cha Cha (Original mix)
9. Put Your Hands Up (Altar Remix)
10. Iberoamérica (Original Mix)
11. Gimme Gimme (Eric Santana Private mix)
12. Fame (Dj Luis ErRe Lead vocal mix)
13. First Time (Offer Nissim Original mix)
14. Womanizer (Ranny’s Big Room mix)
15. Party People (HenriqMoraes & Novament ’08 party mix)
16. Take on me (E-Thunder Official tribure mix)
17. I Kissed a Girl (Bryan Reyes Tribal Trance mix)
18. Again (Jose Spinning Cortes Original mix)
19. 1. Fallen (Manny Lehman Club mix)
20. Be My Boyfriend (Offer Nissim original mix)
21. Someone Like You (Jonathan Grering remix)
22. Dance Again (Marcos Franco 2012 remix)

Total runtime 2 hours 25 min


Track List:

1. Mater Mea ( Original Intro mix)
2. I want to break free (Matt mix)
3. We are here (Jose & Luis Alvarado club mix)
4. I love… (Original mix)
5. Rain (Alyson Calagna Summer mix)
6. Sex on fire (2009 Club remix)
7. Requiem (FL mix)
8. Speaker (Alex Garcia remix)
9. Love 4 Real (Bearlin club mix)
10. Do you belive (Cortez spining mix)
11. Somebody i used to know (Hyper Crush remix)
12. Need a man (Bearlin Remix)
13. Castles in the sky (Epic Club remix)
14. U know U want it (Cortez remix)
15. The Muzik (Dj Alvarado remix)
16. Poker Face ( Jose Spinning Club mix)
17. Join me (Cyberdesign 2009 remix)
18. Zombie (Cranberries remix)
19. Woof! (Unit-911 Klubjumpers remix)

Queer Nation Anthems

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Collection of popular dance anthems, mostly remembered form shows like Queer as folk and online charts as well as club favourites.

Track list:

1.  Feel it (QAF remix)
2.  Crush (Fired up mix)
3.  Proud (QAF v mix)
4.  Believe (2011 remix)
5.  Girls just want to have fun (Original mix)
6.  Uh la la la (Almighty’s almighty mix)
7.  I am what i am (Definitive mix)
8.  YMCA (Global Deejays remix)
9.  Someone like you (Jonathan Gering remix)
10. Dive in the pool (QAF remix)
11. Go west (Dj Damien ft Dj Tiot remix)
12. It`s raining men (MWL remix)
13. Mamma Mia (Definitive mix)
14. I will Survive (Artimes remix)
15. Feel the beat
16. Sandstorm
17. Dancing queen (Millennium mix)
18. Believe (Dj Delo & Mikypalma remix)
19. S.O.S (Israeli gay pride mix)
20. I will survive (Golria Gaynor mix)
21. Adelante
22. Equador
Bonus track – It does get better (The L project)

SecondLife Mix

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A collection of popular songs that i grew up with all well known and all with a new breath of life.

ImageTrack list:

1.  Intro
2.  I am what i am (Goria’s House Mix)
3.  I only wanna be with you
4.  In the shadows (The factory team remix)
5.  Mamma mia (Definitive mix)
6.  No Limit 2.3 (Master Blaster remix)
7.  Fuck it (Radio mix)
8.  What is love – reloaded (Radio mix)
9.  Time after time
10. Yeah! (Radio mix)
11. The Power (Clubstar mix)
12. Mr Vain Recall (Cj STone mix)
13. Mr Vain recall (Extended part 2)
14. Malestripper (POS one remix)
15. Hungry for your love
16. Moonlight Shadow
17. DA beat goes – reanimated ( Radio mix)
18. Cheri Cheri Lady (Modern Clubbing radio mix)
19. Put your hands in the air ( Pulsedriver VS Bass-T remix)
20. Wouldn’t it be good (Pure Pressure remix)
21. Wind of change (Male radio edition)
22. Hablando ( Push Radio Cut)
23. Hard to say i`m sorry (Radio mix)
24. Bette Davis Eyes 2002 (dance remix)


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This is my FIRST  attempt at mixing music and i am damn proud of it, please download it and i would appreciate any and all feedback! I am in no way an expert but I have found this to be an excellent way of getting rid of stress lol.

infinity back

Total runtime is 1 hour 20 min.
Click top image to download…

Hello world!

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This will be the new home for DJ UltraBear, i will upload and post links to all my work done and future work here for free download.

***Please keep in mind that these podcasts are designed for Promotional purposes Only and Not for Sale!***

Enjoy guys and any and all feedback is welcomed!